Projects Gallery

Projects Gallery


CNRL Instrument Air Package

These Instrument Air Packages built for our valued customer CNRL (Canadian Natural Resources Ltd) is a great example of our “out of the box” thinking and design capabilities.  The packages include the popular BOGE CL rotary screw compressors.  Our customer had foot print concerns when it came to the allowable overall size these packages could be.

Normally, the dual rotary screw compressors in an Instrument Air Package are installed side-by-side.  CAE was able to change that traditional design configuration so that the compressors were stacked.  In a stacked configuration, the usual concern is that the operating heat from the bottom compressor will increase the operating heat of the compressor above it, therefore, causing concern for over heating issues.  The open – non enclosed – design of these packages and room ventilation at site provide adequate flow of ambient air so that heat wont be an issue.

So not only did we overcome the concern of these packages occupying too much space, but we overcame the concern for potential overheating issues.  These Instrument Air Packages will provide clean instrument air at a dew point of at least -40 Degrees Celsius and in compliance with ISO air quality standards.


Wood Group Instrument Air Package

Wood Group PSN, another valued customer of CAE, needed a solution that was completely containerized.

This package, along with the many other containerized packages we’ve completed, is a perfect example of turnkey capabilities.  Our fabrication and packaging facility is employed with Welders, Millwrights, Electricians, and HVAC personnel to complete any turnkey project you throw at us.  In these images, you will notice that this Instrument Air Package is complete with lighting, and other electrical, ventilation, man doors, lifting lug locations, and then of course the Instrument Air Compressor System itself.

CAE has designed similar packages to this one that have made their ways across the world to international locations such as Africa, Belize, Dubai, and Mexico to name a few. As with any of our CAE Instrument Air Packages, this turnkey containerized solution will provide clean instrument air at a dew point of at least -40 Degrees Celsius and in compliance with ISO air quality standards.


Xtreme Coil Drilling

Extreme Coil Drilling, a long running customer to CAE, required a high pressure compressed air system where the requirements were slightly different to what Sullair offers in their OEM packaged systems.

That said, CAE was able to take one of our Sullair two-stage drill compressor airends and customize the interconnecting componentry, control system, and diesel drive system around it to provide Extreme Coil Drilling a system the met their requirements and specifications.  This particular unit is capable to 900 CFM @ 500 PSI and was one of several units built.  These skid mounted packages come complete with lifting lug setups and are available with crash cage frames for the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry.