Having the correct compressed air system for your application is very important. Because compressed air is used in many industries and markets, the compressed air requirements will differ from one industry to the next as well as one application to the next. Whether you are adding to an existing air system or needing a brand new one, it’s important that your system is accurately sized and designed specifically to your application. The knowledgeable Technical Sales Staff at CAE are trained by OEM Factory Representatives to accurately size and design the air system that best suits your needs. Not only do our Technical Sales Representatives receive factory training, they also receive in depth training from a collaborative organization called the “Compressed Air Challenge”. The Compressed Air Challenge is one of the air industry’s most reputable training platforms for compressed air professionals around the world and is sponsored by a number of top international air authorities like C.A.G.I (Compressed Air & Gas Institute).

Feel free to stop by our office with any questions or concerns you have about our products and the new or improved air system you require. Not only will our Technical Sales Staff address those questions and concerns in great detail but they’ll be more than happy to take you for a tour around our facility to show you the diversity that CAE offers as well as what to expect from the products and services we offer. Don’t have the time to stop in………..Not a problem. Our Technical Sales Staff will personally visit your company’s location to evaluate your system and address your questions of concerns. With four locations across Western Canada, we’re never too far away to come for a visit.

If you’re trying to improve an existing system and don’t know your current requirements in relation to what your future requirements will be, have no worries, our CAE Technical Sales Staff can offer you an Compressed Air Audit. Compressed Air Audits use precision calibrated instrumentation devices to identify the current state of your compressed air system to determine where improvements are needed and how to make those improvements moving forward. Contact our Technical Sales Staff TODAY to find out how to receive a Compressed Air Audit for your system.

Our Technical Sales Team has successfully assisted many customers in the following industries.

  • Food
  • Bulk Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Paper
  • Waste Water
  • Transit
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metals
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Lumber and Millwroking

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