Equipment Rentals

Air Compressor, Low Pressure Nitrogen Systems, Central Air Equipment LTD.

Do you require compressed air where the requirement simply doesn’t justify the purchase of a complete system? CAE Rentals has exactly what you’ll need. We offer a wide range of rental air compressors ranging from as little as 30 CFM units all the way up to 2,000 CFM units. If pressure is a concern, have no worries as we can accommodate your pressure requirements up to 350 PSI. Our rental units are available in both diesel driven units as well as electric driven units. Our diesel models are great if your application requires something that’s mobile and can operate in the out door elements. If your application is stationary and indoors, then our electric models will suit you just great.

CAE Rentals carries industry-leading brand names such as Atlas Copco, Sullair, and Doosan. All of our equipment is maintained in accordance to very strict maintenance guidelines so you won’t be stalled due to equipment failure.

CAE Rentals recognizes that every compressed air application is different. Some clients require cleaner air than others for applications such as Instrument Air. Some clients require air that will be several hundred feet away from where they can safely operate the air compressor. For these circumstances, CAE Rentals also has available compressed air dryers, pre & after filtration, air storage tanks, and lengths of hose in a variety of diameters. Depending on the complexity of the system you’ll be renting, CAE Rentals can provide delivery and installation services as well. Even if you don’t require delivery or installation services, our staff will make sure you have been instructed on how to operate the equipment prior to leaving. Simply put, we have you covered from all directions.

So what happens if you really like the compressed air system you’ve rented from CAE Rentals?……………. Everything we rent, is available for sale and if the particular system you’ve rented is what your looking to purchase, we’ll prorate the purchase price based on the cost of the rental term.