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The fastest-growing air compressor parts, service, and sales organization in Western Canada is growing again! We are currently looking for experienced personnel for the following positions.

Job Title


$60,000 – $100,000 a year


All activities relating to, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring the overall smooth operation of CAE Rentals – plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate sales, operations and administration
  • Plan and coordinate CAE Group of Companies intercompany resources for maintenance and logistics needs for rental equipment – for example, CAE Rentals does not employ their own service technicians. This must be arranged through CAE Ltd. (Calgary) or CAE (RD) Ltd. (Red Deer)
  • Manage staff and assign duties to ensure equipment is ready for sale and customer delivery deadlines are met
  • Concisely and efficiently distribute operations and sales requests within the CAE Group of Companies where required
  • Monitor the equipment market and sales trends to ensure sales and rentals inventory is offered at a competitive price point
  • Contribute to financial budget planning, and manage expenses to ensure adherence to budget. Authorize expenditures accordingly
  • Monitor online sources and delegate with current vendors to locate and procure competitively priced inventory – current market forces dictate this is a complex blend of taking advantage of vendor pricing and financing offers for new equipment, while keeping a constant eye on auctions and other used equipment resources to sustain adequate inventory levels. This poses a particular challenge as the CAE Rentals model entails maintaining equipment available for sale AND rental at all times – industry standard is much easier to manage, as units for sale vs. for rent are typically separated within inventory by most other rental companies – Extra challenges faced in the current economic downturn being experienced in Alberta – must find equipment that can be purchased on a budget, but is still of quality and reliability to meet customer rental and sales needs
  • Investigate, source and strategically capitalize on specialized equipment shortfalls in the local compressed air rental industry – being a smaller player, our number one value proposition to clients is available selection to meet all quality and pricing requirements, product expertise and overall superior customer service
  • Provision of expert advice and ability to provide turnkey solutions for specialty needs. Most rental companies provide exactly what the client asks for, without asking appropriate questions to ensure what is rented will meet technical and budgetary specifications.
  • Tailor and design custom air compressor and air treatment packages to meet specific and stringent customer requirements, including assorted flows, pressure, dew points and air quality standards, driver methods (engine or electric motor), portable or stationary, etc. Some rental packages for long term usages are designed and built to spec. For example, specialized up fit on 185 cfm portable compressors with dryer, aftercooler and filtration designed to meet specific needs of a specific customer. These custom packages are also built for sale
  • Utilise Fabrication, Welding and Manufacturing experience to direct and coordinate with CAE Fabrication; Dryer and Air Treatment packages for CAE Rentals inventory
  • Explore and pursue online marketing strategies to boost brand recognition and increase sales
  • Continuously update and evolve company website to maximize online exposure and monitor monthly search engine optimization results – includes monthly review of key words and other marketing data, tweak as necessary to maximize exposure and new sales and rental opportunities
  • Meet company outlined sales targets
  • When necessary, resolve customer complaints with integrity and in a proactive manner to uphold the CAE Company image
  • Mitigate corporate exposure to risk through strict adherence to CAE Policies and Procedures – particularly crucial when high-dollar equipment is released on rent to customers from many different industries and backgrounds to ensure CAE is protected in case of equipment loss, damage and/or misuse.
  • Assist with the building and implementation of new procedures and processes
  • When required, oversee the hiring of new staff for CAE Rentals

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Preference will be given to applicants with compressed air or similar industry experience as well as any applicable certifications (Calgary & Red Deer locations only)

  • Posted April 18, 2017

If you are interested in being a part of the biggest and best compressed air provider in Western Canada, please send us your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!!