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Nitrogen is a popular gas used in a variety of today’s industries. The atmospheric air that surrounds us contains approximately 78% nitrogen. Due to N2 being inert and being a replacement for air where oxidation is unwanted or unsafe, this widely used gas can be found in the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Industry (Packaging and Processing)
  • Gas Injection Molding
  • Metal Industry (Production and Fabrication)
  • Beverage Industry (Alcohol and Non Alcohol)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Rubbers
  • Many More………………..

Because CAE specializes in compressed air, it’s only natural that we would also specialize in providing solutions for N2 as well. From a financial perspective, your business could potentially be spending more money than it needs to in its current Nitrogen provider. CAE will assist you in outlining the substantial savings you’ll see from generating your own N2. No matter what your requirements are for purity, volume, or pressure, we can provide you a nitrogen solution that can be as simple as an “out of the box” N2 generator to a complete custom engineered turnkey containerized package. At CAE, there’s no job too big. We can accommodate purity requirements up to 99.999%, pressures up to 5,000 PSI, and endless volumetric flows by use of multiple systems.


A number of methods can be used in the production N2 Gas. CAE provides our customers with two options depending on purity, volume, pressure, and budget. These two options are Osmosis Membrane Technology and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology.

Membrane Technology is more simplistic than a PSA system as there are no moving parts to a membrane. Membranes are simply cylindrical cartridge style filters that contain many bundled polymer fibers. Compressed air enters the Membrane and the separation of air’s Oxygen and Nitrogen molecules are accomplished.

Pressure Swing Adsorption is more complex than using a Membrane system as there are moving parts and several individual components that all work together to complete the separation process. Rather than the polymer fibers found in a membrane system, PSA’s use an absorption component called Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). If you are familiar with Twin Tower Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers, PSA Nitrogen Systems are very similar in design and functionality. PSA Systems have an advantage to conventional membrane systems where higher purities of N2 can be achieved.