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Boge EO Series Oil Free Scroll Compressors

Pressure Range 116 – 145 PSIG
Motor Range 5.5 – 30 HP
Capacity 12 – 87.5 CFM
Electrical Supply 208 – 230 – 460 or 575V / 3PH / 60HZ
BOGE Brochure EO-Series Scroll
  • 5 Year warranty if serviced by Central Air Equipment at recommended intervals with BOGE OEM parts and oil
  • CRN Approved
  • Low Vibration Operation
  • Modular Design
  • Oil Free


The smart configuration of components in BOGE EO compressors results in a very small footprint. This means they can be positioned next to the workplace – even as a system solution with integrated dryer. Astounding: They will even fit through a standard-sized door.

Excellent Efficiency 

Focus control 2.0 is included as standard. It regulates up to four scroll units in the housing as well as up to four BOGE EO compressors horizontally with base load switching. Monitored by a multi color LCD display, efficiency for as many as 16 compressor units can be optimized here.


The closer a compressor gets to the workplace, the more crucial the sound pressure level becomes. The design of the scroll compressor comes into its own here, with whisper-quiet operation and ultra-low vibration levels. Perfect for example in laboratories or hospitals.


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