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Boge SHRV Series Oil Injected Booster Piston Compressors

Pressure Range 232 – 580 PSIG
Motor Range 7.5 – 25 HP
Capacity 11 – 157 CFM
Electrical Supply 208 – 230 – 460 or 575V / 3PH / 60HZ
BOGE Brochure SHRV-Series Rotary
  • 5 Year warranty if serviced by Central Air Equipment at recommended intervals with BOGE OEM parts and oil
  • CRN Approved
  • Fitted with IE3 motors
  • Electromagnetic Ventilation
  • Multifunctional Soundproofed Hood


These compressors are truly hard-wearing and they know no limitations in their duty cycle. The reasons for this are to do with the design: the low average piston speed of 3 m/s (by comparison: depending on the speed, diesel motors run at around 7–15 m/s) reduces the heat retention of the components and thereby lessens stresses and wear. Everything designed to enable low-maintenance, cost-saving operation and longer service life.

Excellent Efficiency 

A plethora of individual measures ensures the exemplary efficiency of these models. The minimization of the clearance in the cylinder plays a central part, whereby the volumetric efficiency can be increased considerably. However, the largest gain in efficiency comes from the principle of increasing the pressure from an existing network: unnecessary higher compression is avoided, and the energy intake from the combination of screw compressor / booster remains considerably lower than with atmospheric 2-stage or 3-stage compression by piston compressors.


All components are developed and installed by BOGE in Bielefeld; for it is only when you have full control over production that high performance can be combined with a long life cycle. Only high-quality materials are used, and the modern production processes ensure minimum tolerances – the precondition for efficient, low-wear operation.


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