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Curtis Toledo NXHE Series Oil Injected Screw Compressors

Pressure Range 115 PSIG
Motor Range 125 – 350 HP
Capacity 640 – 1723 CFM
Electrical Supply 208 – 230 – 460 or 575V / 3PH / 60HZ

NXHE Series Brochure

  • 10 Year warranty on Air-End & 5 Year warranty on motor if serviced by Central Air Equipment at recommended intervals with CURTIS OEM parts and oil
  • CRN Approved
  • Premium efficient TEFC (IP54) motor – Protects compressor from surrounding dirty air
  • eCOOL® Technology – Maximizes cooling airflow for greater energy efficiency, improved reliability and increases service life up to 50% longer for motors and electrical components

Energy-Efficient Two Stage Air End
Patented airend design integrates the first and second stage rotors into one airend. Oil is injected between the first and second stages to cool the air and optimize efficiency

eCool Technology
Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat, Compartmentalized air flow design and standard aftercooler, Extends component life and reduces downtime.

Effectively Integrated Overall Design
Designed for low cost of ownership, easy service & little down time. Safe, efficient air filter system, Independent bearing lubrication. High efficiency, easy-to-maintain oil separator, IE3 high efficiency motor, End face sealed to prevent leakage, Connections utilize o-ring face seals for leak–free performance, Asbestos-free gaskets protect operator health


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