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Kaishan Combo Instrument Air / Nitrogen Skid Packages

Project #J01180 Kaishan Combo Instrument Air / Nitrogen Skid Packages

Simplex Kaishan Single-Stage 20hp Combination Instrument Air / N2 Package.   Simplex 100% KRSB-20 provides feed air to a Trident Dryspell Heatless Dryer for the Instrument Air, and a Nano NRC Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer for pre-treatment to the Nano GEN2-i4.0-4130 Nitrogen Generator (15.5 scfm @ 99.9% N2).  On Skid Storage includes a Wet Air (blue) tank, A Nitrogen Buffer (white) tank for recycling off-spec gas, and a Purified Nitrogen (green) receiver.


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