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Skid Mounted Nitrogen Generation Package

Project #19766
Skid Mounted Nitrogen Generation Package, 42cfm @2000psig N2 delivery

Not only did our customer Quality Tubing require Nitrogen, but they required Nitrogen at High Pressures.  This project for Quality Tubing was an excellent example of how we can combine our different capabilities for Nitrogen and High Pressure into one complete skid-mounted package.

This particular system uses a Pegasus Air Compressor from our Partners at Stallion Air Incorporated in the USA.  Capable of up to 6,000 PSI (If needed), this unit has no problem generating Nitrogen at the pressure required by our customer.  This package comes complete with Air and Nitrogen storage tanks which not only act as storage vessels but also act as pressure buffers to ensure the consistent flow of Air and Nitrogen are being delivered.

Make: Boge
Model: S40-2
Capacity: 163 cfm @ 150 psig
Motor Power: 40 hp

Make: Purestream
Model: ACT-125U
Capacity: 163 cfm @ 150 psig

Nitrogen Generator
Make: AirLiquide
Model: MEDAL 4640 x 2
Capacity: 42 cfm N2

Nitrogen Booster
Make: Stallion
Model: Pegasus 25
Capacity: 49 scfm @ 2000 psig
Motor Power: 25 hp

Package Details
Skid: 8′ x 20′ skid w/ 1/4″ checker plate flooring

  • 1″ Black Iron piping
  • 1.0 micron 1st stage filter
  • 0.01 micron 2nd stage filter
  • 0.003 ppm vapour carry over 3rd stage filter
  • 240 Gallon Vertical Wet Air Receiver Tank
  • 240 Gallon Vertical N2 Storage Receiver Tank
  • 60 Gallon Vertical N2 expansion tank (low pressure feed for Booser)


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