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Split Building Instrument Air Package

Project #60201
Split Building Instrument Air Package, 5000 cfm @ 120psi -40°F Dewpoint Air delivery

Compressor (qty 2)
Make: Samsung
Model: SM3000-500
Capacity: 3000 m3/h @ 9 kg/cm2g
Motor Power: 388.7 kW

Dryer (qty 2)
Make: Boge
Model: HRD3250
Capacity: 6000 m3/h @ 10 kg/cm2g
Dewpoint: -50°C @ 8 kg/cm2g

Package Details
Skid: Qty 2: Interconnecting 12.5′ x 48′ Structural Steel Skid with checker plate flooring


  • Qty 2: Interconnecting rigid frame building, 10.5′ eave, 2:12 Slope
  • Spray foam insulation on underside of skid
  • R12 Insulated Walls & R20 Insulated Roof
  • Fluted Aluminum interior liner
  • Eaves trough, downspout & ice rakes
  • Interior electrical and lighting package
  • Heating and ventilation package
  • Roll up doors for service access to compressors & dryers


  • 6″ welded interconnecting piping
  • 6″ welded stainless steel discharge piping
  • 3″ welded cooling water piping
  • Qty 4: Coalescing Prefilters
  • Qty 4: Particulate Afterfilters


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